Mustard Sprout Seed

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Mustard Sprouts are a common ingredient used in the Southern U.S, on a variety of dishes. This ingredient is capable of producing a spicier version of mustard, tasting more like horseradish. It can be used on seafood, meat, ground in spice, pickling, and cooking. It has a variety of nutrients including Vitamins A, B, C, E, K Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus,Potassium, and Zinc.

Mustard seed has a much longer shelf life than other spices because it is dehydrated. They are great for any grower, they can be grown by commercial growers or grown at a smaller scale and distributed out to local farmer markets.

  • Strong Spicey flavor
  • Can be used in a variety of recipes
  • Sprouted mustard seed go great on salads and sandwiches
  • Easy to store and has long shelf life
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  • Sprouting Size: 1-2 inches
  • Seed Type: Mustard
  • Exterior Sprout Color: White
  • Primary Usage: Food processing
  • Maturity: 3 - 6 Days
  • Hybrid Status: Open Pollinated
  • MOQ: 50 LBS
Shipping Information

The primary shipping method utilized by Caudill Sprouting is to ship seeds on a pallet. These order will traditionally be shipped out on less than load (LTL) carriers; however, we also have the capabilities to ship via full truckload (FTL). It is our objective to have orders without any special conditions out within 48 hours of the placement of the order.

Concerning sample orders, our preferred method of shipping is with the United Parcel Service (UPS). Samples are subject to product charges, as well as, shipping charges.

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Mustard Sprout Seed
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Mustard Sprout Seed

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Mustard Sprout Seed

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