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New Sprouting Association:

There has been a movement recently with many people within the industry to re-vitalize the industry by forming and running a new Sprouting Association. Caudill Sprouting LLC, has been helping to focus this grassroots movement by lending our email list to disseminate information and serving to coordinate their efforts.

As we serve all parts of the industry, we will not deliberately undermine the ISGA, but we have chosen to also help this new organization during its start up, just as we aided the original start up of the ISGA in 1995. As a show of support to the ISGA, in the last newsletter we published the agenda for the upcoming ISGA meeting, we will have Carlos in attendance at the conference, and have offered to sponsor the T-shirts at this conference.

We believe that there is the room and the need for this new association in it’s quest to bring the industry out from the dark cloud we now face, via marketing the positive attributes of sprouts, promoting good business practices, and encouraging scientifically solid Food Safety practices. They also envision working directly with the FDA, and aligning and working with a major produce group.

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