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Food Safety:

We would like to encourage everyone to buy your seed from reputable and reliable suppliers. We have just gone through our pre-audit by the BRC. This will culminate soon with us be certified to the new Global Food Safety Initiative standards, the highest certification in the world.

You should also consider using our Safety Seed for all “Green Leaf” products. Our Safety Seed process eliminates 99.9% of any pathogens that could come in with the seed. This is revolutionary and gives everyone a huge step in the right direction in regards to food safety. Since we made this available, there has been no outbreaks or known positives using our Safety Seed.

Of course you can and must continue to do your own due diligence and inspect and store your seed properly, follow all GMPs, and even with our Safety Seed you need to follow the FDA white paper and sanitize as you bring it into production, and always TEST before RELEASE.

Safety Seed

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