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We have always striven to bring our customers the very best in sprouting seeds. This has always included a full line of organic seeds. The actions and demands of the FDA, the media, and increasingly the need for Food Safety, have made it increasingly difficult to justify selling organic seeds without seed treatment. Unfortunately we [...]

Mung Beans

The 2009 crop China mung beans is about to be closed out. Due to the extremely short supply this year, we all have experienced the highest mung bean prices in our memory. We do expect that the new crop mung bean price will drop with the arrival of the 2010 crop. We will not be [...]

Seed Sanitizing

Recent scientific data released from the BPP/IEH sanitizer study (Not Published) shows that the use of our (Caudill Sprouting LLC) Seed Sanitizer, affectionately called the Bubbler, reduces Salmonella by 0.87 log and E.coli by1.97 logs, using just water. The scrubbing action of our Bubbler cleans the seed of dirt and many bacteria.
This is an [...]

GFSI & BRC – WE DID IT!!!!!!!

We have passed our audit and are now certified to the Global Food Safety Initiative standards by the BRC. This is the world’s highest standard in Food safety. Organizations that have attained this standard include General Mills, Con-Agra, Wal-Mart, Kraft, and now Caudill Sprouting LLC!
This reaffirms our commitment to bringing you the highest quality and [...]

Worldwide Mung Bean shortage:

We reported in December about a projected shortage of mung beans worldwide. This shortage has materialized as we had anticipated and many suppliers are finding it hard to fill orders and some are even not honoring contracts. Caudill Sprouting has been working with its own agents in China to purchase mung beans directly [...]

Food Safety:

We would like to encourage everyone to buy your seed from reputable and reliable suppliers. We have just gone through our pre-audit by the BRC. This will culminate soon with us be certified to the new Global Food Safety Initiative standards, the highest certification in the world.
You should also consider using our [...]

Micro-greens! The new salad trend!

A trio of microgreens, with Red Amaranth in the front. Eating them as salad is a pleasure for those with deep pockets, but buying a few boxes for a dinner party will give you the most beautiful, delicious and easy garnishes for almost anything you serve.
What are microgreens? They are tiny, tiny vegetables, [...]

New Sprouting Association:

There has been a movement recently with many people within the industry to re-vitalize the industry by forming and running a new Sprouting Association. Caudill Sprouting LLC, has been helping to focus this grassroots movement by lending our email list to disseminate information and serving to coordinate their efforts.
As we serve all parts of [...]

Jobs Bill Becomes Law: Will new incentives prompt reluctant employers to hire again?

Kate O’Sullivan – | US
President Obama signed the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act into law Thursday morning, taking aim at the nation’s persistent 10% unemployment rate, which is widely seen as one of the biggest obstacles to a sustained economic recovery. The law, which passed the Senate on Wednesday with bipartisan support, [...]

Dear Sprout Grower

Caudill Sprouting is proud to introduce “Dun” or “Dundale” peas for sprouting.  Although relatively new to some areas of the world, Dundale peas have been sprouted for several decades in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.  These countries are using several thousands of tons of the peas for sprouting each year and the market continues [...]

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