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Equipment and Accessories For All Your Growing Needs

Our customers demand the best products at the best price, including sprouting systems, sanitizing equipment, dryers and more. Please click through the equipment navigation on the right for more information.

Our Equipment

Seed Sanitizer

Sturdiness, ease-of-use, and convenience are the hallmarks of this seed washing and seed sanitizing system. Within 30 minutes - including prep time, water filling, and drainage - your seeds are prepared for sprouting.

Rotary Green Leaf Sprouting Drum

Increased space between growing chambers for ease of door application and cleaning. Fan adapter plate for easy cleaning of air chamber.

E-Z Spin Dryer

In only 45 seconds, E-Z Spin Dryer will remove excess water from sprouts and cut green leaf vegetables

3:1 High Volume Sprouting System

The 3 :1 High Volume Rotary Sprouting Drum has the same features as our standard drum. Except one motor and gearbox powers all drums.

Mega Washer

Self contained chilled water package delivers 40°F chilled water to the wash tank and final spray wash.

Series 3000 Sprouting System

This large, solid state system, capable of producing upwards of 1,500 pounds of sprouts per cabin, is expandable to 28 cabins. Saving on seed, water and labor are realizable via its productivity.

Control Panel Updates & Replacements

Are your controls out of date and need replaced? We can help! Caudill Sprouting carries updated control panels and replacement control panels for your sprouting equipment.

Spare Parts

WE STOCK IT ALL— Overnight Delivery.